AV Monitors

“I love this monitor!!!  I thought the Quad Screen would be my favorite new feature, and it may be when I have more cameras. But what I really love is the 2-way audio.  It’s great.  I can see my kids playing and tell them to lay back down.  LOL. They don’t have a chance now.…I think the camera is awesome and I am going to leave a 5-star review on Amazon saying so.” 

Nerissa W.


I received the replacement unit, along with the shipping label, shortly after our last conversation, and the replacement unit does not suffer from the issues that plagued the original.  Thank you again for your prompt attention and for recognizing that when your product is a baby safety device, you have a special duty to make sure that parents are able to use it. Now that we have the problems ironed out, my wife and I are very happy with the monitor.  It really is an excellent product.

Eric Boeing


“I hate to move the camera room to room, so I decided to buy an add-on camera. This makes it so much easer and faster. There is a scan mode future so you don't have to manually switch from A-B. Camera is clear as well as sound. Very happy with this camera. ”

          Ashley H


“Well every village has a idiot and our village's idiot lives next door....one of those guys who is a pain in everyone's butt......and my son lives two houses over so it all wraps into one neighborhood watch program out here in the rural areas on acreage....me the spy! ”

       Jodi B. , Central WA


We just wanted to write and say thank you for an excellent product and excellent customer service.  We got our Mobi digital monitor when our daughter was born.  It is probably the most used and most useful baby item we registered for.  The picture and range of the monitor were beyond our expectations.  Also, having the monitor in her room while she slept gave us great peace of mind.   Because of its compact design, we are able to also take the monitor with us when we travel, either on vacation or to visit the grandparents.  This gives us more flexibility at our destination.  After 13 months of almost continuous use, we began to have minor problems with the monitor.  We contacted Mobi and were able to easily speak to a real person who was knowledgeable and helpful (not so easy in this day and age).  They arranged to assist us with the repairs in a timely manner.  In fact, since we hated to be without our monitor, we decided to drop it off at the facility rather than mail it in.  Mobi had it back to us within 2 days!  Everyone we dealt with was friendly and professional.  We will definitely recommend Mobi to our friends and family and, if we have to buy another monitor in the future, you can be sure it will be from Mobi. Thanks so much!


Natalie and Jim McDonald


TykeLight GloMates and AnimaLamps

"My son was so excited about the on/off switch...allhe did was turn the brightness up...he can pick it up and handle it himself. That matters to little guys who are trying to do things on their own...Last week we had this bad storm come through...Our super-powered storm lamp was broken. I set the AnimaLamp on the couch. Then I got to thinking how perfect it was for children at these times. You wouldn't have to use unsafe candles. Also, it is their lamp so they can feel helpful and safe because it's more comforting having a bright light come out of an animal than it is to have some foreboding storm lamp."


                                                                                        Amanda Tippit


“We play hide and seek with our GloMate daily. My son chases after us while we hide it and he returns it to us over and over (and over and over)! He carries it around all day, sleeps with it at night and he knows how to turn it on and off and put it on the charger (He’s 14 months).”

    Emily Dickey



As part of a baby gift,our friends gave Sam the TykeLight you see in the picture. Normally, in the morning, after Sam has been fed and he's content and happy, we pop him in the pack-n-play whileMatt gets ready for work. Where he's normally content for about 5-10 minutes before he realizes he isn't being held - today, he lasted about 20 minutes, just smiling and cooing at his new friend. We LOVE the TykeLight and it will now become part of our morning routine. Not to mention it makes a fantastic night light."

Matt and Kelly Anderson


“Our daughter just loves her Mobi Tykelight. At the age of 3, she has developed a fear of the dark, and the Tykelight has been a wonderful solution to the problem. Her Tykelight goes everywhere with her. It casts a nice soft glow in the dark and is not disruptive for her much needed sleep. I like the sleep timer as it automatically shuts off after 15 minutes. You and your child won't be disappointed! ”

        Jennifer Bell


“On behalf of our 8 year old son Nicholas who is a cancer survivor we would like to thank Mobi Technologies for helping him to start a very important project called "Lights of Love." Nicholas has started his own business "Cancer Stinks," and he is determined to help the hospital that helped save him. Please watch the attached video to see how Mobi helped him!! Please visit www.cancer-stinks.com today! ”

       Amy Tarabokia



The GloMate, it is definitely a favorite with my boys. This light is also very helpful to the kids when they get up at night to go to the bathroom. Mobi also has excellent customer service and some fantastic other products that I recommend, such as Headphonies!

 Jen W.,  Central Lake, MI



“Mobi Headphonies [are] my fav – Cute design and booming sound. I would never know by listening to the music that the great sound was coming from such a small speaker. These cute speakers with the booming sound are one of those products that appeal to everyone…from kids to adults.”

  Jackie Harper



“I think this thermometer should be at a 5 STAR. I have used digital thermometers in the past without any luck. I am happy to say I found one that works at a great price too. My family uses this thermometer when we feel like we're coming down with something. We've had this for about 3 months and works great every time.”

               Lilly F


“I love that this thermometer is really easy to use. My kids love this thing. the talking feature is great. I love that I have the option to take a forehead reading or ear reading. It also has a holder to place the thermometer in when you're done using it. I did have to use this thermometer in the dark when my youngest was running a fever and I didn't want to wake her. This product has really come in handy for me and my family.”



“The ability to take either an ear or forehead reading made it easier to use on each child it was tested on...it is a worthy investment. The table stand and time/date and room temperature readout make it a bit more original than the rest of the thermometers on the market.

       What the Stuff Toy review