Stretch Your Food Dollar: Tips from Pro Eaters

You might be wondering: “What do grocery shopping tips have to do with Mobi Technologies?” Well, as a leading manufacturer of family-oriented electronics, our office kitchen is our command center. As those of you with young families know, a trip to the market can be a heavy expense if you aren’t careful. So we thought we’d share ten tips to give your food shopping trips more bang for the buck .

  1. Beware of the “Coupon  double-up”: Don’t buy twenty artichokes that will go bad before you are able to eat them all just because they’re on sale.
  2. When to double-up: if the goods have a long shelf life or if your family goes through them quickly.
  3. What’s for dinner? Whatever is on sale.
  4. Shop two markets. You’ll get to know the pricing cycles of each and compare apples-to-apples, literally. Pineapples might be typically $1.39-$1.69 per pound, so when you see them for $.99, grab ‘em.
  5. Buy healthy-and-fresh whenever possible. You pay for the cost of processing of canned & frozen packaged foods.
  6. Portion Control & Super Sizes (Why buy Jumbo eggs when Large size will do just fine …)
  7. Compare price per ounce. Often the larger size is not the cheapest per oz.
  8. Be versatile. Explore new food horizons.  
  9. The freezer is your bank. When you cook, make a leftovers deposit.
  10. Invest in good sealable containers.
  11. What’s wrong with grazing through the fridge for meals? You might find those black beans that were hiding and put them together with the grated cheese that needs to either get eaten or tossed. Stuff ‘em in a tortilla and bingo.
  12. Tag Team Coupons – Look for coupons on products that offer discounts when you purchase the product in tandem with another item. Example: $3.00 off this bottle of Bar-B-Que Sauce when you buy any beef product from the produce section.