You Can't Take Your Eyes Off of Them for a Second


Being a parent is one of life’s great joys. It is also its biggest responsibility. In lieu of being required to take a National Parenting Exam, Mother Nature has imbued us with parenting skills but that doesn't mean we are all inherently skilled at raising children. As conscientiously as we may try, we are not perfect. It’s a miracle that I’m in one piece. I’ve had my share of mishaps as an infant, rug rat, adventurous explorer and pre-teen. I fell off a merry-go-round horse (the strap supposedly broke). I’ve swallowed cleanser and plastic toy parts the size of a walnut. My stomach has been pumped more times than I can remember. While playing with my friends in a wild canyon, I’m sure it was only because we were so loud and rambunctious that we scared the rattlesnakes away. My fingers have been slammed by car doors. And there was always the occasional broken arm and chipped front tooth from playing touch football in the street. I’m not blaming my parents. I was fast. They couldn’t find me half the time. And times were different then.
So how do we make sure our children are safe but still allow them to grow? I have always applied some practical ‘Dad’ sense with my own kids. I have prevented them from being in potentially dangerous situations, comparative to their age and development level. As they developed and were able to interact with more challenging environments, I observed their ability to navigate those new waters and was right there when needed. Whether it was in person or via remote monitoring, I never took my eyes, or ears, off of them, even for a second. So now that my kids are older, we communicate via Skype, texting, Facebook, Twitter, email and other technological miracles. I’m still here and I’m still watching.

Mark Elson

Director of Marketing

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