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Headphonies are 3” tall artistically designed characters with a built-in amplified speaker. 


They are small and fun companions to any cell phone, gaming device or computer. You can set them on a table or take them along tethered to your player, clothing or backpack anywhere you go!


Each unit has its own built‐in Hi‐Fi amplifier and USB rechargeable battery so you can add to the fun by connecting multiple units.




  • Auto On/Off (connected audio level detection)
  • Play up to 4 Hrs. per charge via USB
  • Includes; USB Charge cable, audio cable, lanyard/tether
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Our Price: $19.95
2.5mm to 3.5mm Speaker Plug Adaptor
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Mobi Striker Headphonies Pocket Speaker


Get Those Sounds Outta Your Head

It’s a mobile world. You plug your tunes into your car system, your home  system, bring ‘em to your friends’ parties…wherever.  But what if you’re out in the world, say at the park, just you and your smart phone, with no big audio system around? If you had a Mobi Headphonies Pocket Speaker, you could crank up your favorite band to a startling volume level. Each of the Headphonies characters produces clear, full sound from an internal speaker directed from out of the backs of their heads. And for you audio snobs, all it takes is a splitter cord from us and you virtually double the sound to near concert levels. Well, not quite, but so loud the squirrels at the park will tell you to turn it down.


Headphonies fit in the palm of your hand but have a big sound.

Unique, Urban, Vinyl-Style Designs

Mobi Headphonies were inspired by urban vinyl figures, a style of designer and collector toy that has recently become very popular (while Headphonies speakers aren't actually vinyl, they share many characteristics of the market and style). The speakers feature a stout, humanoid shape with an oversize head--an aesthetic that is characteristic of urban vinyl. They are also an ideal collector's item: each Headphonies was designed by a different artist, and is only available for a limited time.


The Striker Headphonies has an attitude that's ideal for soccer enthusiasts. It has a soccer ball for a head, and is dressed in a Team USA jersey.

Headphonies are charged via USB.

Impressive Sound, Tiny Footprint

In spite of their compact size, Headphonies pocket speakers have some serious playback capabilities. Each Headphonies has a round speaker grille on the back of its head, concealing the speaker underneath. Using amplified DSP (Digital Signal Processor) circuitry, the loudspeaker provides clear bass and full frequency response, pumping out your music in tight detail, without the tinny distortion that usually plagues portable speakers. You also have the option of linking two Headphonies together with an audio splitter (sold separately) to achieve an even bigger sound.


Award Winning

Consumer Electronics Association Design and Engineering Showcase Innovations Award - 2010
Mom’s Choice Award - 2012


Compatible with Virtually All Mobile Devices

The Purist Headphonies Pocket Speaker is compatible with virtually all mobile gadgets - tablets, smartphones, iPods, or portable MP3 or CD players as well as computers and laptops. It includes a cable for connecting to your device as well as a charging cable for the internal battery. The internal battery can be charged in approximately one hour with a playback time of up to four hours per charge. To save on energy, Headphonies automatically power down when not in use.


What's in the Box

Purist Headphonies Pocket Speaker, clip-on tether, USB charging cord, audio input cord, and product instructions.


Mobi Koko Headphonies Pocket Speaker
At a Glance:
  • Limited edition, collectible, portable speaker with a unique style
  • Amplified DSP (Digital Signal Processor) circuitry provides clear bass and frequency response
  • Trendy design inspired by urban vinyl
  • Compact, durable, and USB-powered for easy portability
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery lasts up to four hours on a one-hour charge
  • Backed by a 90-day limited warranty


Headphonies pair wonderfully with MP3 players and music-enabled phones. (Koko pictured above.)View larger.


Each collectible Headphonies is designed by a different artist and available for a limited time. Click your favorite.


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