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The MobiCam Digital DL is feature-rich, yet affordable. Its portability and extra wide-angle lens makes it ideal for businesses, family households, construction sites and educational institutions. With 20 ft. infrared night vision, the DL operates on a noise-free, secure 2.4G digital signal. The system is expandable up to 4 cameras and can be used as a wireless webcam. The DL can be connected to a DVR for recording and to a larger monitor screen for enhanced viewing.

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Mobicam DL Digital Monitoring System

Product Description

The MobiCam Digital DL Portable Multi-Camera Audio/Video Monitoring System has been honored with the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. It is a versatile, handheld monitoring system--equally ideal for baby monitoring and do-it-yourself surveillance in the home. Both the high-resolution, LCD monitor and camera are portable, making it easy to carry them with you from room to room. The Voice-activated audio and video function alerts you to changes in your home, office, or nursery, and night-vision mode ensures that you can see what's happening outdoors or after your child is asleep. With the ability to incorporate up to three additional cameras (sold separately), the MobiCam Digital DL offers peace of mind and security in a variety of environments.

National Parenting Seal of Approval


The MobiCam Digital DL is an ideal surveillance system for active families, businesses, and caregivers. With its compact shape and rechargeable battery, the palm-sized wireless monitor is designed to be carried from room to room. Whether you are monitoring the little ones, viewing the loading dock at your business, or checking on a housebound senior, the MobiCam Digital DL provides flexibility and ease of use.


Private, Secure Transmissions

The Digital DL has a range of up to 300 feet and utilizes an advanced 2.4 GHz digital signal to ensure that your transmissions are private and secure.


Wired or Wireless Monitor Operation

In addition to standard power plug-in, the Digital DL monitor operates with either five AA batteries or an optional rechargeable battery pack (batteries not included) making it easy to carry from room to room. Each camera can be powered by four AA batteries (not included) or by standard AC operation. The system also switches automatically to energy conservation mode when the power is low.


Child Safety Caution

Mobi has included clear warnings in the DL manual: never place a corded electronic device within arm’s reach of children. Our cords are equipped with large, clear warning tags. We join all efforts in the public and private sectors to encourage responsible use of monitors and other similar devices.


High-Resolution, Color LCD Display for Crisp Picture

 The MobiCam Digital DL features a high resolution, full color 2.4-inch TFT LCD screen with 28 frames-per-second performance. The monitor sits on any flat surface for hands-free viewing. For a larger picture, you can also connect the monitor to your TV.

Voice-activated audio and video alert you to changes in your home, office, or nursery.
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Night Vision and Voice-Activated Picture and Sound

An extra-wide camera lens gives you a wide visual range. Combined with the automatic infrared night vision mode's 20-foot range, the MobiCam Digital DL provides far-reaching surveillance. With voice-activated picture and sound, your monitor will remain on standby until a sound is detected in the area you're monitoring. The sound will then trigger the monitor's audio and video signal, so you can see and hear what's happening.

The infrared night-vision mode lets you see up to 20 feet in total darkness.


Expandable Up to Four Cameras

With the option to integrate up to four cameras, the Digital DL can substantially expand your view of remote areas and rooms (additional cameras sold separately). You can scroll through all four video feeds manually or set the monitor for automatic scan from camera to camera.

Expandable Up to Four Cameras 
Incorporate up to three additional cameras (sold separately) for multi-purpose surveillance.View larger.


Optional Software Lets You Stream Audio and Video Online

The MobiCam Anywhere software (sold separately), allows you to connect to a computer, notepad, or smartphone via USB and stream video and audio online. The software is downloadable from Mobi's Web site and is designed for nontechnical people to be able to review footage via Internet--from virtually anywhere in the world.

The Digital DL is ideal for do-it-yourself office surveillance.View larger.


Also Works as a USB Webcam

Connect the Digital DL to your PC via USB (cable included) to chat online with friends and family. The camera is compatible with popular chat services such as Skype, Microsoft Messenger, Google Video, Yahoo Messenger, and others.


Friendly Reminders

Sensitivity settings on the camera-scan and voice-activation modes will trigger alarms when the battery is low, when the camera is out of range, and when a voice has been detected.


What's in the Box

Monitor unit, camera unit, two AC/DC power adaptors, USB cable, AV cable, camera mounting hardware, and instruction manual (nine "AA" batteries sold separately.

MobiCam Monitoring Systems
  MobiCam Digital DXR MobiCam Digital DL
Screen Display 3.5-inch LCD 2.4-inch LCD
Transmission Range up to 450 feet up to 300 feet
Night Vision Range 40 feet 20 feet
Expandable To 4 cameras 4 cameras
Battery Operation Built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion Alkaline Battery/AC
Voice Activation
Audio-Only Mode
Two-Way Audio Communication  
SD Card Slot for Recording  
USB to PC Connection
Use as WebCam


No installation needed Transmission range up to 300 feet
2.4-inch high resolution color LCD display Optional MobiCam Anywhere PC software via download
Use as wireless webcam compatible with Skype, Windows and Yahoo Messenger and Google Video Powerful night vision with 20-foot range
Expandable up to 4 cameras Alkaline Battery/AC


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