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Huggable Color Changing Portable Night Light / Play Light / Travel Light


Mobi’s GloMate Plus is a huggable multi-colored portable light suitable for play, nighttime or travel. It’s BPA-free, safety tested, certified and made of impact-resistant plastic with an easy-to-clean surface so it can withstand heavy toddler use. Powered by heat-free LED bulbs it can lie in bed, slowly dimming over 15 minutes, to help your kidlets transition to a “lights-out” room. The light cycles slowly through red, green, blue and rainbow or can be set to remain on a solid color. The GloMate Plus automatically turns on when removed from the charging station or in the event of a power outage.  The built-in battery is good for up to a 10 hour charge.



  • LED light gives off no heat
  • Blue, green, red or rainbow colors
  • Colors can be cycled
  • 15-minute dim-to-sleep mode in all colors
  • Easy to clean soft-touch surface
  • Safe and durable – impact resistant plastic for little ruffians
  • Kid-friendly auto-on for grab-n-go action
  • Auto-on during power outage
  • BPA and Lead Free...Safety Tested and Certified
  • Glows 10 hours per charge
  • Long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery
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