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Portable Light - Giraffe


Who says children and wild life can’t play together? Mobi introduces AnimaLamps, the cool-running LED light that’s great for desktop, late night changing table and feeding, reading in bed, games, and playtime. Portable and solidly built, AnimaLamps can go anywhere. Adjustable brightness, one-touch operation and built-in rechargeable battery makes it the perfect light for children. Caution: we’ve heard reports of parents stealing AnimaLamps from  the nursery. Do your kids a favor- buy one of your own!

TRIPLE AWARD WINNER - AnimaLamps has been awarded Mom's Choice Gold, NAPPA Gold and National Parenting Center Seal of Approval awards.
  • Portable Desk/Security Night Light 
  • Great for late night changing table  
  • Just the right amount of light for night feeding 
  • Safe for reading in bed
  • Backseat travel light 
  • Sturdy enough for games & playtime
  • Touch Adjustable Brightness Control 
  • Up to 8-12 hours per charge
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Our Price: $19.95
AnimaLamp - Bunny
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