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South Park - Full Set 

Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Butters, Kenny


Beatz Buddiez are 3” tall artistically designed characters with a built-in amplified speaker. 


They are small and fun companions to any cell phone, gaming device or computer. You can set them on a table or take them along tethered to your player, clothing or backpack anywhere you go! 


Each unit has its own built‐in Hi‐Fi amplifier and USB rechargeable battery so you can add to the fun by connecting multiple units.




  • Auto On/Off (connected audio level detection)
  • Play up to 4 Hrs. per charge via USB
  • Includes; USB charge/audio cable, lanyard/tether
  • Charge & Play with the same cord



Item #SouthParkSet
Our Price: $99.95
South Park - Butters
South Park - Cartman
South Park - Kenny
South Park - Kyle
South Park - Stan
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