Reads Ear or Forehead plus Food or Bottle!


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2-in-1 Thermometer PLUS Food/Bottle

Temperature Scanning


The DualScan Prime Ear and Forehead Thermometer offers all the features, accuracy and reliability you’d expect from MOBI, including an additional Food and Bottle mode. With target-specific reading methods and a bright, easy-to-read back-lit display, the compact DualScan Prime meets your family’s needs perfectly.


•  3-in-1 Ear, Forehead and Food/Bottle Modes

•  2-Sec Readings

•  Date & Time Display

•  Diagnostic Fever Indicator

•  Room Temperature Display

•  Sequential Memory Function (for previous readings)

•  Easy-to-Read Backlit Display

•  ºF/ºC Mode

•  Durable and Easy to Clean with cleaning reminder

•  Batteries Included (2X AAA)

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