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5 FAQs About Video Baby Monitors

June 12, 2019

Video baby monitors allow you to see and hear your baby when you’re not in the room. Some of today’s models are wifi-enabled and connect to your home’s network so you can check the sounds and images from your child’s room using your smart phone from anywhere in the world with cell service.

So that’s all you need to know, right?

Actually, we get a lot of questions about wifi monitors for baby. Here are 5 frequently asked questions that may help you:

  1. Do I really need a baby monitor?

Most parents who try a wifi baby monitor find that at least some of the features benefit them. Perhaps if you live in a very small house or apartment you don’t need a monitor – unless, of course, you want to see and hear your child at any moment and check up on the babysitter when you have to be away. If you don’t work and can’t imagine needing to be out of the house without your child, you can probably manage without a baby monitor. Still, if you ever plan to be in the garage or yard while your baby is asleep or if you ever want to check in without waking your little one, you might want to get a wifi baby monitor after all.

  1. At what age will my child no longer benefit from a baby monitor?

This choice is completely up to you and depends on your parenting style and your circumstances. In most cases, you should use the device for monitoring your baby at least until age 18 months to 2 years. After that, a child can usually call for help. But the monitor can make it easier for you to hear the call. You can also use the device to check in on a child of any age as well as pets, the elderly and someone who’s sick. So a well-made wifi baby monitor will be useful to you for years to come.

  1. Are wifi baby monitors secure?

Yes, the signal sent from the monitor to your home’s wifi network is encrypted. Safety and security protocols built into your wifi network provide another layer of protection. Authorization is needed to receive the signal. If you have a MobiCam camera system, you can choose to allow up to 15 users to see and hear the feed from your home through the MobiCam BABY app on their phones – but that’s up to you. Users could include your spouse, a trusted neighbor and your parents, for example. Or you can choose to lock everyone out but yourself. You’re always in charge of who sees the feed when you select a trusted brand.

  1. Do I need a basic wifi baby monitor or a feature-rich model?

You’ll probably use many advanced features of your wifi baby monitor from day one. MobiCam models include two-way audio, snapshots, recording and social media sharing of special moments, for example. Night vision can help you see if your baby is sleeping when the lights are off without you having to go into the room and create a disturbance. The MobiCam HDX Pan and Tilt Baby Monitor can zoom in so you can get a close look at your child and turn in every direction so you can see if other people or pets are in the room too. This can be very useful in a busy household and makes it easier to check up on a babysitter too. You can also add additional cameras to the system to see people and pets in other rooms.

  1. What is the best brand of video baby monitor?

The answer should be obvious. MobiCam wifi baby monitors are inexpensive, include the features you need and can be accessed securely from your iOS or Android device from anywhere in the world where you can get a cell signal. Plus, they come from MOBI, an experienced company in this field that offered the first portable color baby monitor in 2003 and has a long history of creating stylish and functional monitoring products that fill unmet consumer needs.

Have more questions? Explore this site for product details and more. We want you to be an informed consumer.