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5 Ways To Repurpose Your Wifi Baby Monitor

March 05, 2019

Whether your baby is older now or you’ve bought a new and improved baby monitor, that WiFi monitor for baby that you aren’t using anymore probably has a lot of life left in it. Video baby monitors can last for years – and they can be used for much more than making sure little Bella or Kyle is sleeping through the night.


Here are 5 ways you can repurpose a wifi monitor for baby and benefit your family:


  1. Watch pets while on vacation. You may have a neighbor or friend checking in on your pets, but if they can’t be there all time, check in when no one else can with your smart phone video baby monitor. These baby monitoring systems often allow a dozen or more cameras to be connected to a single system that you can view from your phone anywhere in the world that has good cell coverage. If you notice something wrong, you can text your friend to come sort things out.


  1. Keep an eye on the weather at home. Never wonder whether you’ll come home to 2 feet of snow or damage to your patio furniture from an unexpected hailstorm. Most wifi baby monitors aren’t rated for outdoor use, but you can leave your device inside and aim it out a window. Be sure to test it for glare and make sure the view shows what you want to see – especially if the device doesn’t have pan and tilt capabilities.


  1. Make sure everyone’s OK in the playroom. As families grow, it’s not uncommon to convert the garage into a playroom for the children. But garages are often built with extra sound insulation to keep car noises out of the house, so you might not be able to hear if your child calls for you. Listen for noises that don’t sound right and even talk back to see if everything’s OK with your unused wifi home and baby monitor.


  1. See who’s coming and going. If you have a big family and lots of relatives who come and go, it can be nice to be able to see from your cell phone who’s coming and going through the front door. If your baby monitoring system has night vision – as both MOBI camera models do – you can even see what’s happening in the front room when the lights are off. This can help ease your mind when you suspect an intruder but hope it’s just your imagination.


  1. Assist in the care of an elderly relative. A wifi monitor for baby can also be used to help give you and an elderly relative some piece of mind – no matter where in the world the two of you are located. As long as grandma has a home wifi system, you can connect a camera and look in on her whenever you want. (Place the camera with permission, of course, if she’s well enough to consent.) When you see something that concerns you, talk to her through the system, give her a call or ring for an ambulance. Many systems even allow for multiple people to see the feed if authorized, so you can share the duty with other family members.


These are just 5 of the many alternate uses for a wifi monitor for baby. Once you repurpose your device for a task that’s important to you, you’ll realize just how useful it is to know what’s happening, even when you’re miles away. That’s why it makes sense to buy a feature-rich model in the first place. You never know how it might benefit you during its lifespan.


It’s your home and your family, and today’s technology makes it easier than ever to be informed for the peace of mind you deserve.