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6 Great Tips For Helping Your Dog Feel Safe And Comfortable When Home Alone

April 18, 2019

How long you can leave a dog at home alone before he or she starts to feel stress isn’t easy to determine. Some dogs like to be alone while others – most dogs, actually – would prefer to have you around all the time. With a wifi pet camera and other smart measures in place, you can take good care of your dog and provide peace of mind for yourself.


Most animals eventually adjust to being left home alone, but you can make this adjustment process and the daily reality of time alone as easy as possible. While a dog may never fully understand that you’ll return, you can reduce the trauma of being left alone by taking the right actions.


Here are 6 great tips for helping your dog feel safe when home alone – allowing you to feel OK about being away:


  1. Give them something to do. Boredom is a dog’s worst nightmare and is bad for your home! Provide plenty of chew toys to help your pooch exercise their instinct to chew, which is particularly strong in puppies and in certain breeds. You may find that your pet likes you to leave the radio or television on too. Noise is a great reliever of stress for some creatures.


  1. Offer a good place to rest. Often, we close off some rooms in the house when we leave our precious pets home alone. And that may mean closing off their favorite places to rest – like the bed or an old chair in a storage room. Be sure that your dog has a comfortable and safe place to rest and relax to help decrease nervousness, encourage sleep and even alleviate pain for older animals. We all like to have a place to rest, don’t we?


  1. Get rid of temptations. You’re just asking for trouble if you leave a pair of good shoes in the room with your chew-happy dog. There’s no reason to leave small decorative objects on coffee tables either. Plan your rooms with your animals in mind, and check your home before leaving each time to make sure everything is where it should be – out of harm’s way. Your pet is less likely to misbehave and get scolded if you do this.


  1. Look in and talk back. The MOBI PET monitoring system allows you to watch your dog from anywhere in the world – using your home’s wifi and your smart phone or a PC. A dedicated phone app makes it easy and allows you to see up to 4 cameras at once, so you can check on Fido and get some peace of mind that all is well. These camera systems even have a talkback features that means you can speak to your pet and offer words of comfort.


  1. Leave some lights on. Light means comfort for some people and pets too. Leaving a few lights on helps your pooch see what’s going on, especially if you leave early or stay out late. (MOBI pet cameras, by the way, can see up to 40 feet in the dark, if your doggie likes to hide.)


  1. Arrange for visitors when possible. Everyone likes to have their boredom interrupted, including our pets. Does your Stella or Priscilla have some favorite humans or great dog friends? You may be surprised how willing your sister, your neighbor or that elderly man from church is to stop in once a week or so and say hi to your dog. (You can arrange to make a key available.) You may want to consider hiring a dog walker to check on your animal daily if you’re having a real problem with anxiety.


A pet monitoring system combined with some planning may be all it takes for you to relieve the stress and stain on your dog and ease your worries as well. When you try your best, your best friend is likely to see your efforts and understand that you care.