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6 Reasons You Need More Than One Wifi Baby Monitor In Your Home

July 29, 2019

A wifi baby monitor is a smart investment for your infant’s room that allows you to monitor sleeping patterns without creating a disruption, see what’s happening in the dark without turning on the light and check in on your child and the babysitter when traveling. It’s a great investment for peace of mind and a tool that helps improve the quality of your parenting.


So you’re convinced and have decided to get one, right?


Actually, you may find that a well-designed wifi camera can serve you and your family in more ways than one. Much more than just wifi baby monitors, these devices can be used all around the home and beyond.


That’s why is offering a 3-pack of the MobiCam HDX HD WiFi Pan & Tilt Monitoring System for a Shocking Value. This respected warehouse store recognizes that once you see the usefulness of a MobiCam, you’ll want more than one. In fact, you can install up to 16 cameras on a single system and see 4 views at a time from a smart phone app.


Here are 6 suggested ways to use a wifi home monitoring camera around your home:


  1. Keep an eye on who comes and goes through the front door. Whether you have a security system or not, it can be useful to see the activity inside and outside your front door. Even if you have a doorbell camera, a wifi camera can be placed to show the entire front room – so you’ll know when older children exit, when pets want out and more.


  1. Know if your spouse (or an intruder) is in the garage. Hearing rustling in the garage can be unsettling, but it could be your spouse, a child or one of your pets. It could also be an intruder. A clear wifi camera with HD video can show you what’s happening in your garage without you needing to open the door – and that can save you worry and hassles. In fact, you can see inside any room that has a camera without needing to step in – even in the dark.


  1. Watch pets when they’re on the move. The MobiCam HDX has full-range pan, tilt and zoom features that allow you to scan an entire room, not just see a fixed area. That means when pets are on the move, you can follow them around the room with the camera. And what if they go to another room? Let’s hope you have a camera in there too!


  1. See if an earthquake or other disaster has impacted your home. Whether you’re simply out in the yard waiting for danger to pass, stuck at work or on the other side of the globe, you need to know what’s happened inside your home before you venture back in. You can see damaged pipes and wiring, look for floor or ceiling hazards and plan for repairs without putting yourself at risk. You may find it’s best not to go in without proper equipment.


  1. Monitor construction or cleaning progress. While you’re at work or away on vacation, you can check on the cleaners or see how the work on your new kitchen is going with a wifi camera. And since the MobiCam HDX has two-way audio, you can also speak to the workers through the camera app on your cell phone and they can respond using the built-in mic on the camera. That means you can tell them the wall color is wrong or that they didn’t clean up well enough while they’re still there and can do something about it.


  1. Get peace of mind that you can always see when you need to. Having a camera covering every room of your home and crucial outdoor areas means you can always take a look and see if everything – and everyone – is OK. If it isn’t, you can call a neighbor, the police or your handyman right away to start getting things back on track. It’s your home, after all, and you deserve to be able to see it whenever you want.


At, MobiCam HDX home monitoring cameras are available at a Shocking Value – the lowest price you’ll find anywhere for a 3-pack of versatile and useful home monitoring wifi cameras. Now, the question is this: How many 3-packs do you need?