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A Video Baby Monitor For An Empty House? It’s More Useful Than You Think

August 21, 2019

A video baby monitor that you can see remotely can keep an eye on more than just your baby. When you’re away and the house is empty, it can serve as a security camera or help augment your existing security system. The right wifi baby monitor can serve as your eyes – and ears – when you and the other members of your family are away for the day at work and school or gone for the weekend or longer for a vacation getaway.


Multiple MobiCam devices can be connected to the same system, giving you a look at every room of your home as well as the yard, if you like. Up to 16 cameras can be viewed through our exclusive BABY app or PET app, and you can see 4 views at a time. Inexpensive and easy-to-setup MobiCam wifi home monitoring cameras can also see up to 40 feet in the dark and feature two-way audio so you can listen to what’s happen and even talk back.


A Word About A Different Kind Of Security


Of course, you don’t want anyone other than you and your authorized users seeing what’s happening in your home, so MobiCam products are designed from the start with security in mind. The encrypted signal sent from your devices through your home wifi network and to your cellular device can only be seen by those with the proper password. You can lock everyone out or allow up to 15 others – like your spouse and your mother, for example – to see the feed. Change authorized users whenever you want.


Obviously, a camera connected to the Internet can cause security concerns if you select the wrong camera. But there are 3 facts that should help you rest easy about using a wifi baby monitor or other home monitoring camera:


  1. Hacking is very rare. While any Internet-connected device is subject to hacking if improperly secured, even bad devices are rarely hacked. The amount of information about your home that can be gained is relatively little compared with the effort and technology required for gaining access to a camera or other device.


  1. Low-end cameras without security are most likely to be compromised. MobiCams have built-in security protocols and encryption to ensure that unauthorized access isn’t a concern for the brand’s users. Buying a high-quality video baby monitor from a respected company like MOBI is your best line of defense against someone gaining unauthorized access.


  1. A protected wifi network is essential. A home wifi network with a firewall is essential to the security of your home monitoring camera, and your network is probably already well-protected. Having a firewall and other security measures in place on your wifi network protects your documents, videos, photos and everything you do with your connected devices – not just your wifi baby monitor. Strong passwords help too.


Uses For A Video Monitoring System When No One Is Home


When you and your family aren’t at home, you can see what’s happening and make sure your property and possessions are safe. You can see water leaks before they become disasters, see when there’s a malfunction of home equipment and determine if a natural disaster or storm has impacted your home.


And remember, your home may not really be empty every time you’re away. Often, our pets roam freely or wait patiently in their areas for our return. You can use a wifi baby monitor to make sure all is well with Fido and Fluffy while you’re away – so you can send a friend or neighbor over to put things right if something doesn’t look as it should.


You may also have maintenance workers from your apartment or association in your home or a handyman that needs a bit of oversight. You can see how these fixers are doing and even talk with them through the camera.


When you’re not in, a wifi baby monitor that’s visible through a parted curtain could also serve as a deterrent to a home break-in. With so many homes unprotected by video surveillance, why would a thief break into a place with visible cameras?


A MobiCam may often be called a wifi baby monitor, but it’s much more than that. It’s a way to look in on your home – even when no one’s there. Or should we say, when no one is supposed to be there? Once you know what’s going on, you can take action. That’s real power for the protection of your home and family.