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Easy To Use For Everyone, A Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Is Essential For Some

November 08, 2019

A carefully chosen wrist blood pressure monitor is a quiet, easy-to-use and accurate alternative to a monitor that measures at the upper arm. But there is some confusion about how to best use a wrist monitor – and about who should use one. Let’s clear up a few things so you can purchase confidently.


Anyone can get an accurate reading with a wrist blood pressure monitor like the MOBI Health Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, available from Amazon and other retailers. If you have a particularly large or small arm, measuring on the upper arm may not be possible because the cuff of an upper arm unit won’t adjust properly for you. In those cases, a wrist unit is essential for staying on top of your blood pressure numbers.


Are Wrist BP Monitors Accurate?


Traditionally, there has been a belief by some researchers and medical professionals that upper arm BP monitors are more accurate than those that measure at the wrist. Why? In most cases, user error with wrist devices is to blame. Inaccurate wrist readings are most often caused by improper arm positioning or use of a substandard device.


If you have a very large or very small arm, getting an accurate blood pressure reading is challenging in the best of cases. Upper arm cuffs don’t fit, and there’s a risk of not using a wrist unit properly. Yet if you are obese or have anorexia, for example, a wrist BP monitor may be your only option.


To use your wrist unit correctly, your wrist must be at the same level as your heart. This is crucial. When blood pressure is measured with the unit in the wrong position, the results may be too low or too high.


Not sure you’re getting an accurate reading? A great way to verify the accuracy of your wrist blood pressure monitor is to take it with you to your next doctor’s appointment. Check the results of your device against the reading the doctor and staff gets using whatever device they prefer. If you both get close to the same number, you can be certain of your device’s accuracy. If you don’t, you’ll have to decide for yourself which device is malfunctioning.


You can also take your device with you to a local health fair. Many big-box, discount or grocery stores with pharmacies hold monthly or quarterly health fairs where pros will take your blood pressure for you – giving you another number you can compare to the results from your device. You also may be able to get other tests performs at these fairs at no cost or for a very low fee. If you’ve chosen a good brand of device, results from your wrist blood pressure monitor should be very close to those taken using other methods.


Who Needs To Monitor Their BP?


Everyone benefits from occasionally checking their blood pressure to make sure the numbers are where they should be. Your doctor may recommend you check your BP in certain specific circumstances or if you fall into certain groups. In general, these people should keep a close check on their numbers:


Those with known medical issues. Hypertension (high blood pressure) or hypotension (low blood pressure) can be part of having a heart condition or a side effect of some medications. Check as often as your doctor recommends, which may be daily.


Pregnant women. When you’re pregnant, two lives are at stake with every beat of your heart. Daily tracking can help you discover complications or help put your mind at ease. A range of pregnancy complications are related to high blood pressure as a cause or symptom.


Athletes. Those who train hard and push the limits of their bodies must monitor blood pressure – with an arm or wrist blood pressure monitor – to make sure they aren’t pushing too hard and putting too much stain on their hearts.


MOBI To The Rescue


If you aren’t sure which wrist BP monitor to buy, the MOBI Health Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is an accurate and affordable choice. It’s easy to set up, easy to use and features one of the largest readouts available on a compact wrist monitor. It also checks pulse rate, can detect an irregular heartbeat and stores up to 120 readings in 2 groups for tracking your numbers and those of a family member.


When you go with a proven brand with a great reputation, you can depend on the accuracy. And you can follow the steps mentioned above to prove that accuracy for yourself.