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How To Choose A Wifi Baby Monitor For Your Home

March 22, 2019

Now that you have a baby in the house, every decision seems more important than before. A wifi baby monitor is a tool that helps you keep your new arrival safe and provides you peace of mind when you have to leave your baby in someone else’s care – whether you’re at work, away caring for a sick relative or in the next room.


But not all wifi baby monitors are the same. For the positive results without negative consequences, you need a secure device that provides a clear picture, excellent sound and plenty of features.


Here are some specifics about how to choose a wifi baby monitor for your baby’s room:


Video quality is important. Because the screen of your smart phone is small, choosing a video baby monitor that provides excellent video quality is important. You’ll want smooth HD video with enough detail that you can see your baby’s face – even if you must place the camera farther away from the crib than you’d like. The video should also be of sufficient quality that it looks good on your tablet or other large-screened device. If the wifi monitor for baby that you order doesn’t show enough detail, send it back.


Consider pan and tilt. In many cases, it’s not just the baby you’ll want to monitor. You may want to see if anyone else is in the room with your child or if the door to the room is open or closed, for example. But these features add to the cost of a video baby monitor. If being able to control the camera angle remotely is important to you, be sure to get a unit all-around pan and tilt capabilities. If you don’t need pan and tilt, the MobiCam Mutltipurpose Monitoring System could save you some money.


Night vision matters. Especially if your child isn’t yet sleeping through the night, you may be apprehensive about whether the little one is being well attended at night. Not all cameras offer night vision – and sometimes it isn’t very good. If you select a MobiCam product, for example, expect to be able to see up to 40 feet in the dark. The quality isn’t nearly as good as if the light were on, but it should be good enough to tell what’s going on.


Video encryption is crucial. Most of today’s wifi baby monitor choices provide a safe, hack-resistant encrypted signal. And be sure your home wifi network is protected as well – with a fresh, hard-to-figure-out password, all the latest updates and other safety features. While you may want to authorize other relatives or friends to see the feed from your baby monitor, you don’t want anyone accessing the feed who shouldn’t.


Think about the future. You may want to select a model with as many features as possible for flexibility in the future. You never know what features may become important to you that you haven’t yet considered – like the ability to record, add a memory card to the device for on-camera video storage or add more cameras to the system to monitor from the same app. Plus, you may repurpose your wifi baby monitor in the future and need additional features.


And here’s an additional word of advice: Choose a baby monitor with good sound too. While the focus is usually on video quality, sounds can be just as important. There are certain sounds that any parent knows are good or bad.


Watching the feed from your wifi baby monitor can be addictive, and that’s a good thing. Who wouldn’t want to spend every moment with the precious new arrival in your life? When you can’t do that, a wifi baby monitor can provide an experience that’s a great substitute.