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Parental Home Surveillance Is Easier Than Ever with MobiCams Pan-And-Tilt IP Video Monitor

December 26, 2019

Today’s inexpensive, easy-to-use web cameras make it easier than ever to keep an eye on children of all ages when they’re in and around your home. Parental surveillance is essential to maintaining the safety and security of your home and family. Whether you’re in another room, at work, or visiting a faraway corner of the world – and no matter who is supposed to be in charge at your house – it never hurts to look in on things and make sure everything’s alright.


Parental surveillance begins when your children are babies, and it usually means purchasing an IP baby monitor. With a single video monitor in the nursery, you can make sure your little one is sleeping. Another great benefit’ making sure the babysitter or relative in charge is giving your little one the attention they need and deserve.


As your child gets older, a WiFi surveillance monitor can keep an eye on their playroom, ensuring that they’re playing safely and being properly supervised at every moment by the adult in charge. The MobiCam HDX HD WiFi Pan & Tilt Monitoring System includes two-way audio capabilities – so you can speak to your child using your cell phone on your end the monitor at home. That means you can put a stop right then and there to activities you don’t like and want to discourage.


The 3 Components of The Perfect Parental Surveillance System


You can stay in control of your home and help keep your family safe with the right equipment and a watchful eye. The perfect starter parental surveillance system includes three components:


IP Camera. The MobiCam HDX is the right choice for your video monitor camera. IP cameras provide a digital stream of video that’s converted into data form to be stored or sent to whoever is authorized to see the feed. There is no videotape or disc necessary, no need for special wiring in your home and no need for hanging or mounting the camera if you have shelf or other flat surface in the right place.


Home Network. Most homes have a home network that includes a wireless router. Connecting the WiFi home monitoring camera to a wireless network is necessary to be able to see the camera’s signal from another location. While the MobiCam HDX can record onto an SD card, the signal must be received by a wireless router for remote viewing.


Smartphone. No special phone type is necessary to view the feed from the MobiCam HDX remotely. All you need is a smart phone with the Android or iOS operating system. From it, you can see up to 4 feeds at once (if you have multiple cameras), record clips that you want to see again, share clips to social media, and talk to anyone who may be within earshot of the WiFi monitor in your home. Up to 15 people can see the feed if you authorize them – but no one can see what’s happening in your home unless you give them access.


With some systems you need special wiring, an unwieldy viewing screen that you must carry with you and more. But these 3 components are all you need for a parental surveillance system when you go with the MobiCam HDX. You can also have a total of 16 cameras on the same system and see the feeds individually or in groups of 4 on your smart phone.


The job of parenting isn’t easy, but technology makes it easier.


Some parents experience guilt at having to be away for several hours or several days during their child’s crucial formative years. Some may even feel guilty about looking in on a babysitter or relative who is watching their child, even with permission. But it’s your home and your family, and there’s no reason to feel guilty. Instead, you have an obligation to take the right actions to make sure your family is always safe, healthy, and happy.