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Play Lullabies Through Your Wifi Baby Monitor As Part Of Centuries-Old Ritual

October 14, 2019

When you play lullabies to your baby through your video baby monitor, you’re participating in a longstanding traditional way of quieting a child and sending them off to the best sleep possible. And thanks to modern technology, you can be part of this sleep ritual even when you aren’t home.


There’s no reason to leave nighttime sleep routines to your spouse or a babysitter just because you have to be away. MobiCam baby monitors can play pre-selected lullabies to your child whenever you like. And you can talk to your baby and the sitter plus listen to their responses as well. It’s all possible because of the talkback feature that turns your smart phone and your wifi baby monitor into a sort of two-way radio.


A Quick History Of The Soothing Lullaby


An astounding 4,000 years ago, an inhabitant of ancient Babylon etched a lullaby onto a portable clay tablet. While the message of the song was admittedly far from soothing – there’s a hungry demon in it – it’s among the earliest known lullabies. Dating to about 2,000 BC and written in the cuneiform language in what’s now Iraq, it was preserved by someone’s careful scratching of the concepts into a tablet with a reed stylus.


The purpose is to share a moment and provide a soothing melody – no matter what the words actually say.


Almost every infant has been lulled to sleep with a gentle song at one time or another – although not all have heard the pleasing tones through a wifi baby monitor. Also called cradle songs, lullabies have been used around the world since before recorded history to soothe both babies and small children. Just about every culture and language has examples of lullabies. In most cases, they involve some rhythmic verses that go well with back-and-forth rocking. The tempo is usually slow and even to mimic a mother’s heartbeat.


Some of the most famous in the Western world include Brahms’ Lullaby – “Lullaby and goodnight, with roses bedight...” – and Rock-a-Bye Baby – “Rock-a-bye baby in the treetop...”


You may have been lulled to sleep with Toora Loora Loora, also called An Irish Lullaby. It became popular in the mid-1940s after Bing Crosby sang it in the popular film “Going My Way”. Not really Irish at all, it was written in 1913 for a Broadway musical by American composer James R. Shannon.


Bonding Through Lullabies

It can be beneficial to play lullabies through your video baby monitor when you’re home too. Getting the child used to the recorded lullaby as part of a nighttime routine can make it even more powerful as a sleep-inducer when used while you’re away. You can even have someone else play the lullaby for you if you can’t use your smart phone yourself at baby’s bedtime.


While it’s always best for bonding to be there yourself, modern life sometimes makes that impossible. With a wifi baby monitor and your smart phone equipped with the MobiCam BABY app, playing a lullaby to help you connect with your child and participate in an ancient sleep ritual has never been easier.


The talkback feature of MobiCam devices – including the MobiCam HDX with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities – means you can speak to your baby or converse with your spouse or babysitter. You simply speak into and listen to your smart phone while a built-in speaker and microphone on the baby monitor picks up clear audio. And of course, you can see what’s going on in detail by zooming in on whatever you want to see in clear HD video.


Additionally, MobiCam devices can see in the dark up to 40 feet – so you can get a glimpse of your child to make sure he or she is sleeping soundly. And the continuous loop recording feature (which requires an SD card inserted into the camera) means you can look back on past moments you may have missed from the convenience of your app.


Lullabies are one way you can bond with your child even when you aren’t there at bedtime. Whether you’ll be home in a few minutes, a few hours or several days, you can see, speak to and entertain from wherever you are – ensuring that you’re an active participant in your child’s life even when work or other obligations take you away.