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Snap Or Record, Then Share Your Video Baby Monitor Images Of Remarkable Moments

May 16, 2019

While the primary purpose of a wifi baby monitor is to provide you the peace of mind of being able to look in on your baby from anywhere, the best systems have additional features that add fun and value. With a MobiCam system and the new MobiCam Baby app, you can show off important milestones and fun moments to your friends and family – even if you weren’t there to see them in person.


On-demand recording with this innovative app means you can keep a record of any events you see unfolding as you monitor your baby, and you can do it from the next room or from anywhere on the planet that has a data connection.


Sometimes, great things happen when you least expect them. The recording function means you can start rolling when you see something remarkable, funny or touching and keep rolling to see how it plays out – just as you would with your cell phone camera if you were there in person. That means you can feel more a part of what’s happening while you’re away and capture priceless images as well.


In-app recording and snapshot features include share functions that make it easy to post a captured moment to social media or share it with friends or relatives.


Let Grandparents Look In For Themselves


Sometimes, great moments seem to be happening every second as your baby make cute faces, fun discoveries and important developmental progress. With a MobiCam baby monitoring system that includes the MobiCam Baby app, you can authorize up to 15 users besides yourself to see the feed as it happens. This means both parents can watch from separate locations plus all grandparents and other trusted family and friends can look in anytime – if you allow it. They can also record, take snapshots and more.


But only those you authorize can see the feed. Modern encryption technology means everyone else is locked out. You can even add a pattern lock so that accessing the feed from your own mobile device is impossible without the right code. Turn this pattern lock on and off as you please so that the feed is protected if you have to temporarily place your mobile device in someone else’s care for a while.


Talk Back To Provide Positive Reinforcement At Special Moments


MobiCam wifi baby monitors don’t just let you see what’s happening in your baby’s room (or in other locations around your home where you have MobiCams), they let you listen in and talk back. That means you can provide positive reinforcement to your child from anywhere you are. It also gives you the opportunity to quickly give instructions to the baby sitter without having to close the app and make a phone call.


Authorized users can also talk back, allowing your baby at home to get used to the voice of a grandparent who doesn’t live nearby or can’t get out as often as they would like. Even if you’ve purchase a MobiCam monitoring system for peace of mind, you’ll find that these additional features mean greater convenience and value than you ever imagined.


Plus, the MobiCam Baby app allows you to monitor for motion in your baby’s room at hours you specify and even play a pre-loaded array of sounds and lullabies. These features add more options and allow for additional interaction with your child while increasing the feeling that you’re doing all you can to protect, enrich and engage with your baby.


Technology has the potential to improve every aspect of life. MobiCam video monitoring systems and the MobiCam app work alongside technology you already have to put you in touch and in control of your baby’s care even when other obligations call you away.