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Video Baby Monitors Are Way Ahead Of The Millennial Baby Tech Trend

July 03, 2019

Young parents are surely among the busiest people on the planet, so it’s no wonder they’re more interested in things to make parenting easy than any generation before them. And they’re finding plenty of sites, apps and devices to ease the impact of all those parenting duties and obligations.


Parents in previous generations had to make do with the innovations of the time – including disposable diapers and foldable strollers. They also benefited from home time savers like washing machines and dishwashers. But today’s parents expect, want and need even more.


Video baby monitors were well ahead of the millennial baby tech trend. MOBI was the first on the market with a portable video baby monitor in 2003 and has remained a leader and innovator in the field.


To keep up with consumer expectations and the company’s goal of solving problems with innovation, today’s baby monitors connect to a home wifi network and provide images directly and securely to a designated cell phone anywhere in the world with a cell signal. Cumbersome cords and clunky monitors are things of the past.


MOBI’s most advanced wifi baby monitor, the MobiCam HDX HD WiFi Pan & Tilt Monitoring System, can pan 355 degrees and tilt 120 degrees for maximum room coverage. Two-way audio, night vision, recording and social media sharing are among features that no one could have imagined in 2003. This device also offers the ability to provide the signals to other users and to expand the system to up to 16 cameras.


Wifi Baby Monitors Aren’t The Only Innovations


Of course, advances have been made in other areas too, helping satisfy the millennial baby tech trend. In some cases, millennial founders are at the helm of technology that helps parents do more in less time or find better deals and solutions. One source indicates that startups aimed at parents have generated at least $300 million in funding in the last 2 to 3 years.


It’s big business – because there is a large generation of parents who want to do things their own way and want to succeed just as much as those who went before them.


Here are a few examples of companies vying for the attention of millennial parents:


  • Tinyhood is a digital platform where parents can seek advice on-demand from experts who help them understand sleeping schedules, breastfeeding and much more.
  • Galore is an app that allows parents to make bookings for activities their children will enjoy – like classes and camps.
  • Fabric life insurance is trying to positively disrupt the marketplace by offering plans that are easily accessible on a smart phone.
  • Kidizen is often called “Etsy for kids” and is involved in helping millennial parents with buying and selling used products like children’s clothing and equipment.
  • Rockets of Awesome is a seller of innovative new clothing and related products for children and is aimed at millennial parents.


And there are many other examples we could cite, each hoping for a share of a market that’s growing every day.


Some products are aimed at engagement while others are more about peace of mind – like our wifi baby monitors. Some platforms focus on giving children something to do, and others are aimed at saving parents money. Still others are carving unique niches by providing products and services consumer never knew they needed. Each company hopes its unique approach will allow it to gain a place in the lives and homes of today’s parents.


In fact, companies new and old want the business of young parents, and some are successfully getting it. Today’s parents generally want the same things that parents of generations past wanted: a safe, secure and happy childhood for their children. While they may not take the same approach to achieving this goal, the level of commitment to their families is exactly the same.