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Watch Your Pets Anytime And From Anywhere With Technology You May Already Have

April 09, 2019

Is Fluffy still pining for you at the front door? Does Spot sit on the off-limits sofa when the humans aren’t at home? These and other burning questions will be answered when you keep an eye on your pets with a wifi pet camera app that you can access from anywhere with your smart phone.


There are also more serious reasons for having a wifi pet camera watching over your four-legged friends. Maybe it’s your first day back at work after Princess recovered from her stomach bug and you’re wondering if she’s been sick any more – because someone might need to rush home if she’s having a relapse. You can also ease your mind that your home is secure against your pet getting out and safe from intruders if you can see inside and get a glimpse of how Rover or Rex is doing.


What You Need For Your Pet Surveillance System


You may already have most of what you need for setting up a pet surveillance system in your home. Here’s what it takes:


A camera. You may be able to reuse the wifi baby monitor you had when your kids were babies. If you don’t already have one, MOBI makes two models of wifi cameras that are available at very affordable prices – so the investment in a single camera or several may be much lower than you’re expecting.


A home wifi network. You probably already have a wifi network for your desktop and laptop computers and your TV streaming services, so there’s no additional expense for you to add in a camera system. Your home wifi network will likely have more than enough capacity to handle wifi pet or baby monitors, which use resources very efficiently.


A smart phone. As long as you have a modern Android or iOS smart phone with a stable internet connection or access to a wifi network at the location where you’re trying to receive the camera feed, you can see the output from anywhere. That means you can keep an eye on a cat, dog, parakeet or iguana from the home of the neighbor across the street or from a tiny side street in Amsterdam.


A pet surveillance app. To make the feed that comes from your camera and through your wifi system to your phone work, you’ll need the right app for your camera brand. The MobiCam PET app is available now as part of our relaunch and recommitment to pet surveillance and works with the MobiCam models you already know and love.


Why Check Up On Your Pooch Or Kitty?


There are 3 big reasons for checking up on your pet:

  • Gain peace of mind that everything’s OK at home and that your pets are present, safe and well
  • Check on your property to see if your pets are causing damage or trying to get out, and
  • Say hi to your pets using the talkback feature of your wifi video monitor, comforting and calming them if they suffer from anxiety, as many pets that are left alone do.


In years past, people didn’t have the ability to check on their pets, and many valued pets fell ill, died, escaped unnoticed or pined for hours without anyone there to help. While you may not be able to run home every time your pet whimpers, a wifi pet surveillance system means you can look in, talk back and take comfort most of the time – and send help when it’s needed.


Today’s technology means, among other things, that we have a world of information in our pockets and the ability to keep up with where our children are at all hours. With a wifi pet monitor and the right app, your four-legged friends can benefit from modern technology too.