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Why You Should Choose Affordable, Feature-Rich MobiCams Over Top Competitors

May 03, 2019

Nothing is more important than keeping your family safe. That’s why selecting the right wifi baby monitor is so important. When you make the best choice, you can conveniently check on your baby from anywhere in the world – and see other rooms and people in your home too. After all, it’s your house, and you deserve to know what’s happening there even when you’re away.


Every new parents must sometimes be away from their children, and a MobiCam video baby monitor can make it easy to check in on your child while checking up on the babysitter. With other brands, keeping watch from afar is not always so easy.


Let’s compare the two popular MobiCam models with the top sellers in the category and see what lessons we can learn about feature-rich, low-price MOBI wifi baby monitors.

Access From Anywhere, By Only The People You Choose


Just as important as price is the ability to access multiple camera views on a single device from anywhere in the world. The Motorola Baby and Summer Infant models mentioned only allow interconnecting 4 devices within limited range. But you can connect up to 16 MobiCams to your home wifi system and view the feeds through a single smart phone app from anywhere with internet access.


You can also authorize up to 15 other people – like the grandparents or a trusted friend – to see the feeds as well. The other brands don’t allow that.


In addition, the two MobiCam models offer recording and playback so you can see things that happened when you weren’t watching as well as snapshot sharing so you can let your friends on social media see a special moment. MobiCams also offer motion alerts to inform you when a sleeping baby wakes or something happens in the room. These features can also be useful when you use the devices for monitoring comings and goings in your house or the movements of your pets.


And you can be sure that MobiCam wifi baby monitors have built-in encryption to make sure that only you and those you choose access your cameras. Everyone else is locked out with the most advanced technology available.


Price Is The Top MobiCam Selling Point


Consumers often mistakenly believe that a high price means the highest quality. The Motorola Baby MBP855CONNECT Monitor with WiFi Capabilities rings up at nearly $250 retail. You can save big by going with a somewhat lesser-known brand. The Summer Infant Panorama Digital Color Video Monitor is in the $150 range and has many of the same capabilities – except wifi capability and smart phone accessibility.


But even the cheaper of those two top-selling options is more than 3 times the cost of a MobiCam.


Get more features along with increased convenience and flexibility when you move up to the MobiCam Multi-Purpose Monitoring System. And the price is just $34.99. The MobiCam HDX HD WiFi Pan & Tilt Monitoring System offers even more features and rings up at just $49.99.


Overall Best Buys For Peace Of Mind


When one or more MobiCams is connected to your home wifi system, you can see what’s happening with your baby and perhaps look around the rest of your home too. You pay the mortgage and the babysitter, so you deserve to know what’s happening anytime you want to have a look.


There are many companies in today’s marketplace that want to sell you wifi video monitors for your baby’s room – and for every room of your house. But there’s only one camera brand that offers you a feature-rich experience at a very low price sure to fit any budget. When you trust MobiCam, you’re saving money on the peace of mind you want and need.