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Important Notice:

MobiCam connects to a 2.4GHz frequency WiFi connection.
Please confirm that your phone is connected to a 2.4GHz wireless network frequency and that you are connecting MobiCam to the same wireless network.

Depending on your wireless network provider you can determine your wireless network frequency by referring to the WiFi name or checking your wireless router for a frequency sticker. You may check your WiFi name to see if a 2G or 5G is present in the WiFi name.

Example:    MyWiFi18-2G  MyWiFi18-5G

If you are still unsure of your WiFi frequency, your wireless network provider will be able to answer any questions.

Please select the image of your MobiCam model below for further assistance in setting up your MobiCam. 

Register your MobiCam for an extended 1 year limited warranty.

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