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Worth the purchase
34 reviews

Rarely do I leave a review but this time I'm making an exception. This camara does everything I want. Sound quality is great. The ability to talk or play sounds from the app is great. Visually I can see everything going on with or without light. It does have a little lag time, likely from my internet. When setting up it is a little slower then I expected for you to be able to see the live feed from when the app tells you it's set up. Sometimes the camara will say offline but when you check the records on the SD card it's there. For the price I paid I'm very happy. I believe a review should be balanced so that is why I've given the good and the not great.

Happyshopper  06.29.19

Best thermometer I've bought
43 reviews

Absolutely love it! My poor 1 year old grand-daughter was so ill with a virus and taking her temp any other way than this was entirely too upsetting for her. This works in a couple seconds and is extremely accurate! She ended up going to urgent care and their thermometer had a 2/10ths degree difference, which could have just been her temp changing on the way there. Best purchase I've made in a long time. WELL worth the $20, the less stress your sick little one has, the better. Plus the extra features! Room temp, checking temp of formula or food, it's great!


awesome sauce!!
23 reviews

These little cameras have allowed me to monitor my foster boys in one room and my mom in another room. They also allowed me to monitor my moms care giver and find out that he was neglectful of his duties. They have allowed me the flexibility to monitor my business office and my yard; all at the same time. I love them and if I need more surveillance I will definitely add additional cameras.

Red Byrd 02.14.2020

MobiCam APP

Complete motion capture

The MobiCam App is 100% free and is available for iOS and Android users in the App Store and Google Play Store.