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Where To Put Home Monitoring Cameras For The Greatest Effectiveness

December 05, 2019

No matter how you use your wifi baby monitors or home monitoring cameras, proper positioning is crucial for the best images and the greatest possible effectiveness. So where should cameras be placed for maximum benefit? It depends on your needs.


If you’re using your cameras as video baby monitors, you need a camera in the baby’s room and in each room where the baby will sleep or spend time with any sitter or relatives. When properly positioned just above the head-height of a person standing, you can see what’s happening anytime you want – with very little possibility of someone or something blocking the view.


When used for home monitoring, placement depends on the design of your house, the reason you want to monitor it and how many cameras you have. When you have several, having cameras close to the action is best. When you have only one or two, you may have to settle for a far-off position so you can at least get a glimpse of everything.


The MobiCam HDX 3-Pack, available this holiday season from the app and website of Sam’s Club and from other retailers, includes a trio of devices so you don’t have to settle for just one way of using a camera or only one view. Each camera can pan, tilt and zoom so you can closely examine something that concerns you – or look at a wide shot if you prefer.


Proper Positioning Of Home Monitoring Cameras


When using your wifi home monitoring cameras to see what’s happening outside your home, you can choose to mount the cameras in protected, secure locations outdoors or point them through a window if possible. Try to position cameras so you can see these parts of your home and property:


  1. The front door. Research shows that 34 percent of burglars enter through a home’s front door, so a camera watching and recording the front door is essential for home monitoring. If your home has two stories or a steep roof, consider placing the device high so that a potential intruder or thief can’t damage it. Placing the camera inside the home at an angle so it can see the front door out the window can also work. You can see comings and goings from your home and get motion detection alerts that can thwart package theft too.


  1. The back door. As many as 22 percent of thieves come in through a back door, so it makes sense to have a home monitoring camera to watch this entryway. If your home has more than 2 doors, placing a camera at every entry is a sure way to discourage intruders and help you see what’s happening. Whether it’s your neighbors using their key to check on your dogs, a maintenance worker or a criminal, you need to see what’s happening and know who’s in your home.


  1. In or watching off-street windows. As many as a quarter of burglars break windows to enter a home, and they usually choose windows located at the back or in another off-street location, decreasing their chance of being seen by passing cars or walkers. Having a camera mounted on a storage shed and aimed at a home’s back windows might be ideal for your situation, but consider your options carefully because every home’s arrangement and view obstructions are unique.


  1. The places you forgot about. You need to see what’s happening in the areas of your home or property you don’t use all that often. This could be a garage or basement and likely includes an attic, a back driveway or an alley. It can even include a spare bedroom or storage room. If someone is in your home and can’t be seen on a living room camera, nursery camera or at any of the entrances, they may be hiding in one of these often-forgotten places.


You may find that a 3-pack of cameras isn’t enough. Fortunately, the MobiCam HDX 3-Pack is so affordable that you may want more than one trio, and you can see up to 16 camera views using the MobiCam smart phone app. You can also authorize up to 15 trusted friends or relatives to keep watch as well – so your home is being checked on even when meetings, traffic or other aspects of life mean you can’t monitor the feed or respond to any motion alerts.


It’s your home. Why not see what’s happening there whenever and from wherever you want?