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DualScan® Health Check

Ear & Forehead Digital Thermometer with Medication Reminder

DualScan Health Check allows users to easily take ear or forehead readings, as well as objects such as food, milk or bath water. Set an alarm to remind yourself when the next medication dose is due or when to take the next temperature while monitoring a fever.

Ear & Forehead
Digital Thermometer

Fast and accurate reading without the possibility of spreading germs and disturbing them while they are resting.

Medication Reminder Built-In Flashlight
Easy to read display F° / C°

A look at the finer details

Unique Features

DualScan Ear & Forehead Temperature
Two options for taking temperature. The traditional "in ear" method preferred by physicians and the easy, non-intrusive "forehead: option, that is ideal while baby & children are asleep.

Food & Milk Temperature
Good tool for measuring food and milk bottle temperature. No more need to test milk on your arm or taste baby's food.

Memory Log
Memory Log of 9 previous readings to assist parents and caregivers to monitor temperature readings. Allowing you to focus on the quality of care instead of writing down data.

Nursery & Room Temperature
Monitor nursery and room temperature for ideal setting.

Product Specifications

Title Value
Power Supply DC 3V(2*AAA)
Body Measuring Range 32.0°C~42.9°C(89.6°F~109.3°F)
Ear & Forehead Measure Accuracy ±0.2°C(±0.4°F) in range of 35.5°C~42.0(95.9°F~107.6°F) ±0.3°C(±0.5°F) for other ranges below or above
Object Measuring Range 20.0°C(68.0°F) ~60.0°C(140.0°F)
Object Measure Accuracy ±1.0°C(2.0°F)
Displayed room temperature range 5.0°C~59.9°C(41.0°F~139.8°F)
Room temperature accuracy ±1°C(±2°F)
Dimensions 140(L)x33(W)57(D)mm
Weight 47.6g(without battery)
Forehead operating conditions 15.0°C~40.0°C(59.0°F~104.0°F) with a relative humidity of 20%~85%
Ear and Object operating conditions 10.0°C~40.0°C(50.0°F~140.0°F) with a relative humidity of 20%-85%
Storage environment -20°C~55°C(-4°F~131°F) with a relative humidity of 20%-90%
Health Check Thermometer
2 x AAA Batteries
Instruction Manual

HealthCheck FAQ

Open the battery compartment and press the black button labeled C/F to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Yes, turn the thermometer on and select the home icon for object temperature. Hold thermometer 1-2 inches away from the object and press the scan button.

Press and hold “D” button for 2 seconds to turn on/off the flashlight operation. (The flashlight does also have automatic shut off after 30 seconds)

Pull off the forehead probe cover from the unit and insert the slimmer Ear Probe tip just slightly into the ear opening, then press the scan button to measure the body temperature.

Yes! Our thermometers are perfect for infants, children and adults.

To take a forehead temperature simply place the thermometer gently against the forehead and press scan. To take an ear temperature, remove the Forehead probe cap and gently place the ear probe into the ear canal. To take an object or room temperature reading, click the middle home button and then press scan.